​​About ​Laurence


Laurence Lameche moved to London and, as he didn’t have a penny to his name, he slept in his car. He was hungry for food (and success!) and was determined to succeed but he lacked any business experience. Laurence graduated from the school of hard knocks, life.

He is now a multi-millionaire property investor, entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He specialises in Rent2Rent, Serviced Accommodation / Holiday Lets in London, Lease Options / Purchase Lease Options and Instalment Contracts, with these strategies allowing him to control property with little or no money, or maybe the cost a Football Ticket.

Every single strategy Laurence shares has been experienced on his journey to success. There have been many ups and downs but he has just given things a go and doesn’t let the rules stop him, as he finds winning ways around the rules and you can too!


This 4-part video series will show you how ​to buy your first property with no mortgage, no ​deposit, ​even if you ​don't have a job.